Page filter that converts Textile formatting to HTML using RedCloth.

Note that, although RedCloth provides partial Markdown support, it is *highly recommended* that the BlueCloth filter be applied to markdown pages instead of this one.

Public Class methods

Create a new filter instance. The supplied options are passed directly to RedCloth. See RedCloth docs for a full list.

If no options are supplied, full textile support is provided.

    # File lib/rote/filters/redcloth.rb, line 28
28:       def initialize(*redcloth_opts)
29:         super()  
30:         @redcloth_opts = redcloth_opts
31:       end
Public Instance methods
    # File lib/rote/filters/redcloth.rb, line 33
33:       def handler(text,page)
34:         rc =        
35:         # hack around a RedCloth warning
36:         rc.instance_eval { @lite_mode = false }  
37:         rc.to_html(*@redcloth_opts) 
38:       end