Page filter that runs it‘s body through the specified command, and captures the output. E.g.:

    print "Hello, World!"

Although this filter can be used to execute Ruby code, you must bear in mind that this will happen in a separate interpreter process, so no variables or requires from the current environment will be available. If you wish to evaluate Ruby code in your pages, you should use either ERB (evaluated at the beginning of the render), or the Eval filter (evaluated near the end).

Public Class methods
new(macro_re = MACRO_RE)
    # File lib/rote/filters/exec.rb, line 30
30:       def initialize(macro_re = MACRO_RE)
31:         super([],macro_re)
32:       end
Public Instance methods
    # File lib/rote/filters/exec.rb, line 34
34:       def macro_exec(cmd,body,raw)
35:         res = IO.popen(cmd, 'w+') do |io|
36:  { io.write body; io.close_write }
38:         end
39:       end