Rake task library that provides a set of tasks to transform documentation using Rote. To use, create a new instance of this class in your Rakefile, performing appropriate configuration in a block supplied to new. This will automatically register a set of tasks with names based on the name you supply. The tasks defined are:

  #{name}         - Transform all documentation, copy resources.
  #{name}_pages   - Transform all pages
  #{name}_res     - Copy resources
  #{name}_monitor - Start watching for changes
  #clobber_{name} - Remove output
DEFAULT_SRC_EXCLUDES = [ /\.rb$/, /\.rf$/ ]
  Default exclusion patterns for the page sources. These are applied along with the defaults from FileList.
[RW] default_output_dir Base directories used by the task.
[R] ext_mappings Ordered ExtHash that supplies mappings between input and output file extensions. Keys are regexps that are matched in order against the search key.

The values are [extension, ({ |page| …}), out_dir] . If a mapping has a block, it is executed when pages with a matching extension are, instantiated (before common and page code). It can be used to apply filters, for example, on a per-extension basis.

[RW] layout_dir Base directories used by the task.
[RW] monitor_interval The approximate number of seconds between update checks when running monitor mode (Default: 1)
[R] name The base-name for tasks created by this instance, supplied at instantiation.
[R] pages Globs for the FileList that supplies the pages to transform. You should configure the pages_dir and include at least one entry here. (you may add exclude strings or regexps, too). Patterns added are made relative to the pages_dir and added to a FileList once init is complete.
[R] res Globs for the FileList that supplies the resources to copy. You should configure the layout_dir and include at least one entry here (you may add exclude strings or regexps, too).

This is not a FileList - the patterns supplied to this are used with the base-directory specified to construct an appropriate FileList.

[RW] show_file_tasks If show_page_tasks is true, then the file tasks created for each output file will be shown in the Rake task listing from the command line.
Public Class methods
new(name = :doc) {|self if block_given?| ...}

Create a new DocTask, using the supplied block for configuration, and define tasks with the specified base-name within Rake.

     # File lib/rote/rotetasks.rb, line 188
188:     def initialize(name = :doc) # :yield: self if block_given?
189:       @name = name
190:       @output_dir = '.'      
191:       @pages = FilePatterns.new('.')
192:       @res = FilePatterns.new('.')
193:       @monitor_interval = 1
194:       @ext_mappings = ExtHash.new
195:       @show_page_tasks = false
197:       DEFAULT_SRC_EXCLUDES.each { |excl| @pages.exclude(excl) }
199:       yield self if block_given?
201:       define
202:     end
Public Instance methods
ext_mapping(match, extension, output_dir = self.default_output_dir, &block)

Define an extension mapping for the specified regex, which will be replaced with the specified extension. If a block is supplied it will be called with each matching Page as it‘s created.

Extension mappings also allow the output directory to be specified on a per-extension basis. If no output directory is specified, the default output directory is used.

     # File lib/rote/rotetasks.rb, line 168
168:     def ext_mapping(match, extension, output_dir = self.default_output_dir, &block)
169:       @ext_mappings[match] = [extension,block,output_dir]      
170:     end