module Rote

Rote is a Rake ( based build tool for static page-based documentation, websites, and general textual templates. It enables embedded Ruby code, layout, and optionally plain-text formatting (HTML-only at present) to be used to automatically generate output in any (textual) format from a directory tree containing template files.

Rote was created for my personal website, but has become a fairly flexible tool, general enough to be applied to many different types of templating. Rote can handle your software documentation, blog-plus sites, and even (slower-moving) news and information sites.

Rote can be used from the command-line, or in your own Rakefile. It supports both manual and automatic rendering of modified resources, and can be configured to monitor your source tree for changes.

See README for general usage information. Rote::DocTask documents the Rake task integration, while Rote::Page has information useful to template writers.

Rote is (c)2005 Ross Bamford (and contributors). See LICENSE for details.